Research Infrastructures in Research-Oriented Teaching (RIRO) – Project “Smart Energy System Lab”

Project “Smart Energy System Lab” as ExU activity within the University of Excellence Project “Research Infrastructures in Research-Oriented Teaching (RIRO)” at IAI:


Within the University of Excellence Project, research infrastructures are to be integrated more strongly into teaching (Research Infrastructure in Research-Oriented Teaching). At the Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics, the project “Smart Energy System Lab” was acquired in consultation with several KIT faculties in 2021. The aim of this project is to integrate current energy research topics of the Energy Lab  into teaching in the form of application-oriented small group practical courses and thus to establish research-oriented teaching with the involvement and support of the scientists of the institute.


 Note: Previously known as “Energy Lab 2.0”, the current name from 2024 is “Energy Lab”.