Laboratory mechatronics


Part I
Control, programming and simulation of robots
CAN-Bus communication
Image processing / machine vision
Dynamic simulation of robots in ADAMS

Part II
Solution of a complex problem in team work

Learning objectives:

The student is able to ...

  • use his knowledge about mechatronics and microsystems technology to solve a practical problem. The laboratory course comprises simulation, bus communication, measurement instrumentation, control engineering and programming.
  • integrate the different subsystems from a manipulator to a working compound system in teamwork.

Nachweis (EN): certificate of successful attendance

Voraussetzung (EN): none

Arbeitsaufwand (EN):

regular attendance: 33.5 h

self-study: 88.5 h

Language of instructionGerman

Materialien zum Mechatronik-Praktikum

Manuals for the laboratory course on Mechatronics

Organisational issues

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