Modern Control Concepts II


Learning Content:

  1. Discrete time systems
  2. The role of zeros (different kinds of zeros, zero dynamics, internal model principle, repetitive control, 2Dof structures, controller design via Diophantine equations)
  3. Limitations of control systems
  4. Linear multivariable systems
  5. Multivariable control for LTI systems (coprime factorization, relative gain array, decentral and cooperative controls, decoupling controls)
  6. Internal model control (internal stability, Youla parametrization, predictive structures, different 2DoF structures)
  7. Extended control loop structures (serial and parallel cascades, multiple controller structures, inferential control, split range control)
  8. Differential-algebraic systems of equations
  9. Model reduction
  10. Linear time-varying systems
  11. Solution and simulation of complicated dynamical systems (ODEs, Cauchy problems, boundary value problems, PDEs, hybrid systems, DAEs, DDEs, computer algebra, etc.)


Basics in Measurement and Control Systems

Modern Control Concepts I

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Language of instructionGerman
  • Aström, K.-J., Murray, R.M.: Feedback Systems, 2012
  • Skogestad, S., Postlethwaite, I.: Multivariable Feedback Control, 2001