Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center (CMVC)

Markus Breig (KIT)
Research control room of the CMVC in the Energy Lab (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)

The Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center of the Energy Lab 2.0 is a research-oriented infrastructure for the design, development and testing of new software for planning and operating smart energy system solutions. Based on a computer cluster with cloud and big data technologies, innovative services provide highly scalable data management, analysis, forecasting, simulation, optimization and visualization functionalities that can be used directly via the web. A SCADA instrumentation ensures the data and control connection of local and remote Energy Lab 2.0 plants and networks.

The co-simulation environment of the CMVC allows models of new components in the energy system as well as the SCADA interfaces of existing plants to be linked in an overall model. By adding data prediction modules, market models and optimization tools to determine operating schedules, future operating options can be simulated and evaluated in the model.

Karl-Heinz Häfele (KIT)
3D Campus model of KIT Campus North (Source: Karl-Heinz Häfele, KIT)

Research topics

  • Data acquisition, analysis and visualization of system-related data of the plants in Energy Lab 2.0
  • Research of new automated operation management mechanisms for microgrids
  • Integration of research-oriented applications for data prediction modules, market models and optimization tools



  • Research control room and IT infrastructure consisting of Big Data, Ceph and virtualization clusters
  • SCADA communication hardware and field devices for data acquisition and control of plants in Energy Lab 2.0
  • Research-oriented software solutions for cloud technology-based data management and the execution of complex scientific calculation workflows


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