Energy Grids Simulation and Analysis Laboratory (EGSAL)

Markus Breig (KIT)
Real Time Digital Simulator in EGSAL of the Energy Lab 2.0 (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)

The Energy Grids Simulation and Analysis Laboratory is a hardware and software infrastructure for modeling, simulation and analysis of energy grids. Both microgrids (house networks, island networks) and the KIT Campus North power grid as well as interconnected networks (Karlsruhe city grid, transmission and distribution networks Germany, transmission network in Europe) are being investigated. State-of-the-Art software and self-developed, novel computer solutions form the basis for this.

Energy networks (electricity, gas, heat, fuels) connect producers, storage facilities and consumers. The future electricity grid will play a central role in the integration of all energy forms and networks in the energy transition. Planning, simulation, analysis and optimization of the interconnected grid is therefore imperative.

Uwe Kühnapfel (KIT)
Models of transmission and distribution networks in Germany (Source: Uwe Kühnapfel, KIT)

Research topics

  • Modeling of multimodal energy networks
  • Simulation of multimodal energy networks
  • Multi-physics co-simulation
  • Analysis of multimodal energy networks




  • Computing server (GPU high performance system)
  • Real Time Digital Simulator Systems


  • Tools for energy network modeling, simulation and analysis
  • Energy network models (e.g. KIT Campus North Network Model)
  • Current side models of the sector coupling elements in Energy Lab 2.0
  • Weather data archives


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