Systems Theory and Control (STC)

The working group researches and develops new process automation methods and implements these in to the planning, creation, commissioning, research, and development phases of experimental and pilot plants at KIT. The group has many years of experience in the modeling, control, and simulation of process engineering techniques and complex systems.


Process automation entails:


  • Planning, commissioning, and maintenance of control and information systems for test operation of the bioliq® pilot system


  • Development, testing, and optimization of new control functions for industrial processes




Modeling, control, and simulation:

  • System analysis and theoretical work on dynamic modeling of complex and possibly time-delayed processes
  • Theoretical work on modern control concepts in complex systems
  • Algorithmic work on model-based measurements and process simulation


Tools used: MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, Maple, MapleSim, LabVIEW, SPPA T3000, C/C++/C#, R