Dr. Kaibin Bao (KIT-IAI, links) und Gastwissenschaftler Nils Müller (DTU)IAI

Visiting researcher at the Security Lab of Energy Lab 2.0

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  • Date: 2022-04-08
  • Nils Müller is a visiting researcher from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet at Energy Lab 2.0, where he is working on detecting cyberattacks on the control of energy systems such as commercial PV inverters and battery storage systems. Here, anomalies in the sensor data of the physical or chemical process, as well as network data, should provide clues to unintentional foreign interference. IAI's Robust Secure Automation (RSA) cyber­security group supports this by providing experi­mental platforms and recreating typical cyber­attacks.


    Project description: SecurityLab for Energy Lab 2.0