Robust Secure Automation (RSA)

Research field: Energy
Helmholtz Program (PoF IV): Energy System Design (ESD)
Topic 2: Digitalization and System Technology
Subtopic 2.1: Digitalization and Systems Technology for Flexibility Solutions

The working group “Robust Secure Automation (RSA)” addresses the cybersecurity of distributed Industrial Control Systems (ICS) with a focus on future energy infrastructures. The increased use of automation technology for maintenance, control and coupling of critical infrastructures increases the attack surface that needs to be protected against cyber threats. On the research platform Energy Lab , the group conducts research on realistic attack chains as well as their early detection and prevention. To this end, the group applies methodologies known in the field of machine learning. One guiding requirement for the developed concepts in this working group is the practical feasibility, especially for a retrofit in existing systems. A long-term goal is also to research approaches for restoring secure operation after cyber incidents.

 Note: Previously known as “Energy Lab 2.0”, the current name from 2024 is “Energy Lab”.

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