In the research area “Advanced Automation Technologies (A2T)”, the groups “Robust and Secure Automation (RSA)”, “Secure Energy Systems (SES)” and “Advanced Automation Methods for Industrial Processes (AMIP)” work together on two main topics.

First, cybersecurity issues in distributed industrial automation systems are being researched with a focus on the future energy system. Topics here are modeling, detection, prevention and investigation of cyberattacks e.g. with machine learning methods and model-based approaches. The goal is to increase the overall security and resilience of the future energy system. In this context, standards such as IEC 61850 and IEC 62351 are analyzed, which are closely related to the configuration and security of energy systems. On the research platforms Energy Lab  and KASTEL Security Lab Energy, realistic attack chains on real hardware as well as their early detection and prevention are investigated.

Second, in the research area A2T new measurement and control concepts for the flexibilization and optimization of energy-intensive industrial processes with regard to the integration into the future energy system are developed and implemented on real plants together with partners from industry and research.

 Note: Previously known as “Energy Lab 2.0”, the current name from 2024 is “Energy Lab”.