Advanced Automation Methods for Industrial Processes (AMIP)

Research field: Energy
Helmholtz Program (PoF IV): Energy System Design (ESD)
Topic 2: Digitalization and System Technology
Subtopic 2.1: Digitalization and Systems Technology for Flexibility Solutions

The working group “Advanced Automation Methods for Industrial Processes (AMIP)” develops new measurement and control systems for the flexibilisation and optimisation of energy-intensive industrial processes. Imaging measurement systems such as IR and NIR cameras for high-temperature processes as well as light field and high-speed cameras are used in the VIS. Based on this, mathematical evaluation procedures are developed and, together with external partners, are brought to industrial use. Furthermore, methods for the integration of the new measuring systems into existing industrial processes are developed and implemented with the aim of increasing flexibility and optimization.

In view of the increasing networking of automation technology components, methods for the model-based detection of cyber attacks (anomaly detection) are also being developed.

Current Projects/Topics